Church Contributors and Partners for Living Hope

Here at Living Hope CCC we strive to offer a safe place for pastors, their spouses & families, church leaders and individuals. We can also provide internet/web-based counseling services to accommodate your needs. Please ask our staff to give you more details about this.

Hope City Community Church:

hope city community church

The Church of St. Clement:

church of st clement

Del Sol Church:

del sol church

Jesus Chapel:

Jesus chapel

Harvest Christian Center:

harvest christian center

The Door Christian Fellowship:

the door christian fellowship

Mesa Place Church:

mesa place church

Destiny Family Christian Church:

destiny family christian church

Grandview Baptist Church:

Grandview Baptist Church
Website: Grandview Church

First Baptist Church of El Paso:

first baptist church of El Paso

Calvary Chapel Sun City:

Calvary Chapel Sun City

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